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GEAR problem dampened Malaysia’s Fahmi Ilyas hope for a double podium finish in the Formula BMW Pacific Round 2 during the Asian Festival of Speed at the Sepang International Circuit today.

The 17-year-old, who won Race 2 yesterday managed to finish second in Race 4 today despite leading most of the race.

Fahmi, with a total time of 20:02.714s was 0.994s behind race winner Rio Haryanto of Meritus.

Coming in third was Fahmi’s Team E-Rain teammate Gary Thompson who stopped the clock at 20:03.714s.

Sitting at pole position, Fahmi pounced for the lead and held a comfortable 1.6s gap over the chasing Rio.

In Lap 5, he had a downshift problem which is believed to cost him about a second, which was enough time for Rio to close the gap.

A lap later Fahmi lost his lead to Rio and dropped further back to third after trying to avoid the Indonesian Meritus driver.

The Kuala Lumpur born Fahmi however bounced back one position and chase Rio in the closing stages of the race.

“I couldn’t believe that the race had finished a lap earlier as another lap is all I need to win.”

“However, it has been a great weekend and I would like to thank the team for their hard work,” said Fahmi who also extended his gratitude to his family whom has been his number one supporters.

Meanwhile, in Race 1 earlier in the day, Fahmi managed to finish the race eighth.

Despite only one win and a podium finish, Fahmi is not about to take things easy as the next round will be held at the Sentul International Circuit in Indonesia on July 17-19.

“I have yet to race in Sentul but my team has had success there, so I am confident of my chances,” said the London based lad.

“I will definitely need to keep fit and do my best to climb up the championship,” he added.

Fahmi will be leaving for London in a day to continue his studies at the Regent Business School.

Formula BMW Pacific

Race 3 (10 laps)

1. Axcil Jefferies (Eurasia) 22;16.618s; 2. Gary Thompson (E-Rain) 22:13.286s; 3. Akhil Kushlani (E-Rain) 22;15.480s; 4. Rio Haryanto (Meritus) 22:16.913s; 5. Dustin Sofyan (Meritus) 22:22.757s; 6. Dominic Ang (Holzer PFX) 22:23.149s; 7. Calvin Wong (Holzer PFX) 22:26.439s; 8. Fahmi Ilyas (E-Rain) 22:26.782s; 9. Cao Hong Wei (Ao’s) 22:29.411s; 10. Antonio Martinez (Eurasia) 22:34.897s; 11. Fahad Algosiabi (E-Rain) 22:35.630s; 12. Steel Guliliana (Atlantic) 22:36.009s; 14. Muhd Alif Jafri (Holzer PFX) 22:37.230s.

Race 4 (9 laps)

1. Rio Haryanto (Meritus) 20:01.720s; 2. Fahmi Ilyas (E-Rain) 20:02.714s; 3. Gary Thompson (E-Rain) 20:03.238s; 4. Axcil Jefferies (Eurasia) 20:03.599s; 5. Akhil Kushlani (E-Rain) 20:04.502s; 6. Chris Wootton (Eurasia) 20:13.364s; 7. Dustin Sofyan (Meritus) 20:16.288s; 8. Antonio Martinez (Eurasia) 20;17.687s; 9. Calvin Wong (Holzer PFX) 20:18.150s; 10. Dominic Ang (Holzer PFX) 20:20.931s; 11. Cao Hong Wei (Ao’s) 20;21.281s; 12. Fahad Algosaibi (E-Rain) 20:22.979s; 13. Muhd Alif Jafri (Holzer PFX) 20;26.847s; 14. Steel Guiliana (Atlantic) 20:27.352s.

Photo caption:

Fahmi 1a - Fahmi Ilyas in action

Fahmi 2b - Motorsports Commission of Malaysia chairman Datuk Azman Yahya with the winners of Race 2. Fahmi (left), Rio (centre) and Gary (right).


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